Saturday, July 14, 2012

Round Robin Photo Challenge ---- On the Wall!

"On the wall" is this week's  topic chosen for The Round Robin Photo Challenge.
I found some difficulty with this challenge  since I  have  very few pictures or paintings hanging on the walls in my house so I went through my archives and soon found some interesting pictures to share.

The first picture was taken  3 years ago during a tour of the ruins of Pompeii.
 One of the morbidly fascinating results of the 79 A.D. eruption of the Vesuvius is the large number of holes found in the volcanic deposits around Pompeii that represented corpses of people and animals that were buried by the hot ash. The ash lithified before the corpses decayed so that a good mold of the deceased remained. 
Early in the excavation it was discovered that filling these molds with plaster produced remarkable casts of the victims of the eruption but not only of the victims, as shown in my picture.

In this particular picture you can see a plaster cast of  what was left of a wooden door still hanging.
It is now supported by an iron rod .

The next two pictures are not as interesting as the one above but the subject in them is precious to me as it is
 my own handcraft, a Santa Claus made with fabric yoyos and which 
decorates my hallway in the Christmas Season.

The next picture was taken during a day tour of San Remo (Italy).
Clothes hanging on a washing line, on the walls, is a very common sight in some of Italy's 
villages especially in the populated areas of some cities.

This next picture was taken this Spring close to where I live.
The garden wall of this house was loaded with these beautiful Wisteria flowers.

Last picture taken during a visit to Mantua, an unusual colourful artistic display on the wall of a house in Mantua.

  I think one or two of these pictures are certainly more interesting then the 
few paintings and shelves I have hanging on my walls.

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Thank you!


  1. That santa claus is so cute! I made the yoyos as a table runner , just didn't know it is called yoyos. My mom used to be a dressmaker and we always have leftover material and we made the yoyos into decorative pieces at home.
    I've posted my entry for this week, come take a look at my wall.

  2. Hi Sue :)

    Great posting. I especially liked the wall of stuffed animals. :) Very unusual.


  3. Brilliant variety of walls and their functions, love it! Great photos too : )

  4. Sorry to be so slow returning your visit. I also want to thank you for stopping my post of the paintings of Cornbread.

    I love what you have posted. The very original and unique shots here. I would love to know the history behind hanging out all those stuffed animals. I have always enjoyed the European shots of laundry drying on lines like these. Hanging laundry out is something you rarely ever see here anymore.

  5. Wow, these are great! Such a variety! The Pompeii one is fascinating, the laundry makes me smile and the flowers are beautiful, but the last shot is my favorite!


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