Friday, June 29, 2012

Round Robin Photo Challenge ---- KEYS

It is Challenge Time once more and this time it's Round Robin's turn.
The subject for this challenge is "Keys".

My first picture is a normal group of keys, these are quite old as you can see from the leather key chain.

For the second picture I chose this shot of the keyboard of my son's electronic piano.
My third picture is a collage of snapshots of the key that opens a very old chest trunk.

I chose my daughter's  hobby for the last pictures, these are the tuning keys of her guitar, back and front views.

Thank you for looking!
Please remember to take a look at the other participants' entries on the Round Robin Challenge Blog.
You can find the list here.


  1. What an interesting group of keys. Lovely in their shapes, and yet mysterious (what secret could be in the trunk) and what song will be played on the guitar or the piano. If I close my eye and imagine, I think I hear "Yesterday" by the Beatles.

    1. Carly thanks for your comment. The trunk holds no secrets really. I keep curtains in it right now and I am afraid "Yesterday" is not the musci my daughter plays on her guitar, she's a rocker... but it's nice to imagine those chords play the Beatles' music, I would like to imagine that too.

  2. A good take on the theme this week!

  3. Wow! I love the old keys! Nice classic shot of the keyboard, too!

  4. Thank you Karen, it's always very nice to receive your comments.

  5. Sue, well done! I love your choice of the different keys in all their various functions! Great shots!



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