Thursday, May 9, 2013

Restoring Old Slides.

 Back in the days before digital photography was the norm, there were generally 2 methods of processing film: prints, and slides.
Way back in the late 70's my husband and I ... (we weren't married yet at the time) , preferred slides to prints and after all these years we still have them stored away in a box. Unfortunately our old projector broke down years ago and it has been ages since the last time we viewed them.
I thought that the best thing was to convert them to digital so I bought myself a slide scanner and started scanning them .

To my dismay I found out that many of the slides had turned to a reddish hue and others were fading, this meant that I would have had to do some restoration on them. This proved to be a long process since I had to edit each slide individually. The task wasn't an easy one but I managed to save  some which seemed totally lost at first glance. Here are just 3 of the ones I managed to restore up to now but I still have hundreds to do and it will take me weeks to scan them all and restore the damaged ones .
The pictures show the original, almost ruined slides and the restored, digital version. I am quite satisfied with my work and glad that I saved them just in time.

Before restoration.

 After restoration.
This picture was taken in Malta ... the locality is called Mtarfa and was once a British base and hospital.

Before restoration

After restoration
This is Caravaggio's "St. Gerome Writing". It is found in St. John's Co Cathedral in Valletta - Malta.
This was taken around 1978 , the painting underwent restoration in Florence, Italy, in the late 90's.



This is the facade of a church decorated for the FESTA, a celebration in honour of the Patron Saint which in this case was Saint Joseph. The church is dedicated to this saint and is found in Msida- Malta.

I will gradually add some more of the restored slides as I get on with the work
 so if you are interested , stay tuned.


  1. I also tried to convert my old slides into digital images. It is a hell of a job. Not easy at all. I think that you do a great job Sue!

    Warm greetings from the Netherlands,

  2. Thanks for the comment, yes I never imagined it would be such a hard task but little by little I am converting all my slides to digital.
    Best wishes,

  3. Many nice snap-shots in this blog!

    1. Thank you for visiting and for your nice comment!


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