Saturday, April 6, 2013

Round Robin Photo Challenge - Threads

Challenge theme - Threads.

These are threads on a toy weaving loom.



The same threads from a different angle


 This is a closeup on a ball of cotton crochet thread.




This Filigree brooch is made with Gold threads and represents the 4 pointed cross of the order of the Knights of St. John, also known as the Maltese Cross.


Thank you very much for looking. Please take a look at the other entries in this Challenge, it will only take a couple of minutes, you will find the names here:


  1. I love that first and second shot! I have lots of crochet thread but didn't think of photographing them.

  2. Very nice pictures Sue! I have never seen anything like this, I think. :-)

    Greetings from the Netherlands,

    1. Nice to find your comment on this challenge, thanks.

  3. Hi Sue :)

    I agree with Jama! I love the first shot! What a creative approach! The angle and detail are super! Nicely done! :) The gold threads that become a star is so elegant and enchanting. Lovely to look at! :)


  4. Wow. These are all good, but the first two are just awesome!


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