Saturday, February 23, 2013

Give It Up! -- Round Robin Photo Challenge.

As you can see from the title, this Challenge is about things we have given up or want to give up.
Now, I have given up on very few things, I gave up smoking nearly 28 years ago and never again touched a cigarette and since I lost that habit I don't have any cigarettes to photograph , so I will jump to the next thing I gave up, candies and chocolates. I still buy some mainly to have something to offer to friends and neighbours whenever they drop by.
The next thing I have given up is Nail Polish, yes, I don't paint my nails anymore, I just prefer a good manicure these days and that's it. I borrowed my daughter's bottles for the picture.
Here are my entries.
Please remember to visit The Round Robin Photo Challenge Blog to see the list of participants and to visit their blogs to see what they have "given up". Thank you for visiting!

Chocolates and Candies.

Nail Polish.


  1. Hi Sue :)

    My goodness, candy is dandy, isn't it? LOL. I have had a sweet tooth my whole life, it's a curse I am pretty sure! Nail polish, wow, that's an interesting thing to give up! I wish I had thought of that because, I have also given up on that! I had a neighbor who was working her way through Beauty College years ago, and she needed someone to practice manicures on... wait for it... yep, she used a little too much acetone and long story short... nail polish wont stay on my nails! Too bad because MAC cosmetics has some lovely shades. Oh well, the occasional French manicure works sometimes. Love light tips! LOL

    Love the photos of the polish! Nicely done! I would love to see some pics of those colors in different lighting scenarios. Just a thought. :)

    1. Thanks Carly, the nail polish pic is my favorite too.

  2. I love chocolates, don't think I can ever give them up. Lucky me can never put on weight but I eat moderately.

    1. Jama thank you for dropping by and leaving your coment .


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