Sunday, June 10, 2012

Smoke Photography

The weather this Sunday was dull , rainy and dreary, the kind of weather that confines you  indoors. 
I was looking forward to go out this weekend to take some pictures outdoors but 
since it rained most of the time I opted to stay home and play around, experimenting, taking pictures of smoke. 
I recently read some very interesting information about 
smoke photography and wanted to take a few snapshots with my own camera even if it is not a DSLR
I followed the instructions on this site as far as possible using the right light source 
and the incense sticks as suggested in the site and 
here is the result of my latest photography experiment.

I wanted to give this picture an errie touch so I used my photo editing program and added some dark transparency to transform it into a ghostly face as you can see just below.

I had to take several pictures , most of my attempts were useless, but I had fun and will certainly try this again ...  but only when the smell of the incense is totally gone, luckily my husband  was on duty, he hates incense and smoke.


  1. Sue non ti sembra che la seconda foto nasconda una faccia?? sembra un viso leggermente inclinato in avanti... sembra spiritismo... cosa fai quando tuo marito è in servizio??? un bacione e un sorriso ciao

    1. Si Alice, la foto è sempre la stessa ma nella seconda ho aggiunto qualche ombra per dare l'impressione di un viso spettrale.
      Si, quando il marito non c'è faccio tutti i miei esperimenti...hehehe!!!

  2. That's a great visual effect you created there sis, well done for your experiment... prosit tassew as we would say in Maltese! I'm impressed!

    1. Doreen, I have many more but I still have to resize them. I will post them later on.
      I am glad you like it, i just play around with my camera whenever I have some spare time... hehehe!!!

  3. Sue, I just showed Chelle your pic and she says it would be a great cover for a book!!!

  4. Thanks Chelle I appreciate! I still have a very long way to go and many things to learn before anything like that ever happens.


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